SJF Network

SJF Ventures’ thirteen-year history managing three venture funds, along with the events and services of the allied SJF Institute, has built a valuable network and brand.   SJF Ventures has co-invested with more than 40 institutional funds, including funds with specific industry expertise and regional connections.    SJF has also co-invested with its Limited Partners including funds that are actively making direct, later-stage investments, as well as angels and family offices active in direct, early-stage investments.  SJF’s current LPs are active in the positive impact and cleantech fields and include commercial banks, a fund of funds, foundations, insurance companies, a state fund, wealth managers, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

The SJF team is also active in multiple Industry Affiliates and trade associations in order to promote sustainable and clean energy policies, build industry intelligence, and generate quality deal flow for the fund.

After working with thousands of entrepreneurial firms and investing in 35 portfolio firms, SJF has built a deep network of experts able to share highly valuable expertise and insight in the firm’s focus areas.  In 2010, SJF decided to formalize this group of individuals as the “SJF Expert Network.”  In addition to providing due diligence resources, these experts refer potential investment opportunities that match SJF’s interests and profile.

Collectively SJF’s Limited Partners, Industry Affiliates and Expert Network contribute substantially to the success of SJF Ventures.

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Entrepreneur Testimonies

“SJF Ventures has been a great venture capital partner and board member for ED MAP. They share our philosophy of creating a win-win workplace in rural Appalachia that provides superior service and educational resources to our customers. They have rolled up their sleeves and helped on M&A, financing, option plans, management recruitment and strategy… helping accelerate ED MAP’s growth as a leading service and technology provider to secondary education institutions.”

Max Mark, CEO, ED MAP